The SAPS is warning the community of a serial rapist targeting female victims at the Vanderbijlpark cemetery. According to the source, the serial rapist lingers around the graveyard and disguises himself as a woman.

According to a number of his victims, when the serial rapist appears, he rapes his victims on top of tombstones at knife-point.

In one incident, the rapist attacked a woman who was passing through the cemetery coming from college and raped her.

“We would like to sensitize the community that there is a serial rapist in Vanderbijlaprk Cemetery. This serial rapist is pretending to be a woman as he wears women`s clothing and targets women walking alone.

 “The victim was raped when she went to the grave of her mother. She was due for an interview and she had to go and appease her departed mom, unfortunately she was approached by the serial rapist and threatened her with a knife. She was then raped on the tombstone of the mother,” she added.

“The modus operandi used on the second and third victim was the same. We urge the public with knowledge to contact police on 016 450 2262/3 or call the investigating officer on 016 450 2555,”

Forwarded by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.