On Monday the 14th of February an awareness campaign was held against gender based violence at Stretford clinic, Orange Farm south of Johannesburg. The campaign was to raise the community’s attention towards the perpetrators of such heinous crime and to immediately try and stop violence against women and children as well as vulnerable people.

Different stakeholders attended the event to empower the patients at clinic with critical information on how to report these crimes to the police or authorities. The stakeholders made themselves available to assist and empower victims who went through such horrendous acts of crime.

Present stakeholders were as follows:

*Department of health, PCO, SAPS, CPF Executive, CPF community patrollers, women in motion, GBV Brigades, lawyers against abuse, Green door facility (ambassador), youth desk and Lekoa social workers.

The campaign received a great applause and appreciation by the walk in patients and the community at large. The intention of the event was also to serve as the tool to vanguard women, mothers, sisters, girls including the LGBTQ + community against any form of abuse.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.