Residents of Sebokeng who collect their R350 SRD Grants at Sebokeng Post office; say they are forced to pay a bribe of R50 to get their grant.

Grant beneficiaries say queue marshals demand a R50 bribe in order to receive their grants or face being unattended and going home empty handed, a source told the Reporter that mothers are mostly likely the ones who are affect by this.

One mother said” She went to the post office on Thursday to collect her R350, she was number 5 in the queue, but as soon as the queue marshal  arrived ,he put 20 people who were at the back of the queue in front because they paid R50 and I was sent back.”

“The queue marshal is working together with the staff because he is the one who decides who gets in to receive their money.  He is the one who is collecting ID’s and cutting the queue and if you do not give him R50 you will not get a chance to go inside to get your R350,” added the source.

As residents of Sebokeng, Bophelong, Sasolburg and other townships around the Vaal, you are being advised to report this crime.

To report a postal crime, or crime apparently committed by a Post Office employee contact the Post Office toll-free crime buster hotline at 0800 020 070.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.