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A Day To Remember 

The 21st of March will linger in our memories if we never fail to teach our young generations what really happened. A day sixty-nine lives were lost. There were different commemorations held in Sharpeville. The African National Congress president Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa addressed an audience…

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Narius Moloto Said It 

Pan African Congress leader Narius Moloto made this call at the 59th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre. He told the audience about the lack of land for black people since the dark days of apartheid up to today. Mr. Moloto said he was elated by…

Local, Sharpeville Tribute

The Formation of Sharpeville 

When World War II ended in 1945, industry in many countries of the world experienced a boom. South Africa also experienced the rapid industrial growth with surging demand for manufacturing as the world rebuilt. SASOL and ISCOR were the two state-owned enterprises responsible for the…

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21 March… A Stitch in Time 

March 21, 1960. Sharpeville police station, Sharpville. Police officers were armed with live ammunition. They shot at a crowd of protesters. The protesters were predominantly black South Africans. They were protesting against pass-laws which required Africans to carry passbooks all the time. After what some…