Residents of Savannah city who went for screening were not impressed with lockdown regulations. The community raises concern that they do not have steady regular employment or income. This makes it difficult for them to be indoors as they have to continuously leave home to see what meagre income they can find so as to avoid going to bed on an empty stomach. Among other concerns is the promised assistance by the government of groceries and finance that is not forthcoming and is nowhere to be seen.

Health officials were out in numbers, screening for covid19 went well, physical distancing was observed and the whole operation went smoothly. Some people said masks were un affordable and in some instances breathing was uncomfortable while wearing a mask.

The elderly were also out in numbers for screening but largely they wanted their regular monthly medical supplies. A mobile clinic from Pontshong was available to help ease the congestion.

By afternoon the people had been attended to and everybody gone home.

Report by: Lefa and FikileThatelo. See video below.