Organised business has urged Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) Council to refer the findings of the disciplinary hearing against CFO Andile Dyakala to the Labour Court for review after he was found guilty of misconduct and bringing the municipality into disrepute, but escaped firing with a final warning.
Expressing outrage at the findings, the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC) President Klippies Kritzinger speaking to the said dismissal was the only appropriate sanction for the huge damage done to business and service delivery over a long period by Dyakala.
Kritzinger was reacting to documents reportedly on social media, allegedly posted by Dyakala faction supporters celebrating what had been believed was his imminent return to duty.ELM has not formally commented on the matter yet.
Mr Kritzinger urged members regardless of political affiliation to show commitment to consequence management for officials by sending the matter for review by the Labour Court.

Dyakala is not yet back at work after precautionary suspension months ago, said ELM sources. Dyakala was also issued with a final warning but was not sanctioned by dismissal due to being a first offender. He also reportedly volunteered to go for counselling on anger management issues, which the Presiding Officer in the disciplinary proceedings also accepted.
The findings against Dyakala were based on two sets of charges; one group of allegations was for his irregular appointment for almost 40 high-paying political advisory support jobs at ELM, and the other for his personal conduct.
The Presiding Officer of the disciplinary hearing, Advocate Majavu, found that the relationship between Dyakala and his employer had not irretrievably broken down despite his misconduct.

“Catastrophic lack of judgement and grossly offensive and intimidatory personal behaviour by a highly paid, very senior and supposedly professional official are not serious – that’s the message of these proceedings.

“ELM council must reject the laughable mild sanctions recommended and make clear it is committed to far higher standards by all municipal officials,” said Kritzinger.

Submitted by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.