Evaton community went out in numbers to test for TB, HIV and AIDS, Diabetes and BP. Children were checked /tested for health screening such as weight and see if they eating healthy. They were having an incentive for the community to come and test, giving them food parcels.

Emthunjeni centre. Picture: Staff Photographer

In the community of Evaton there are children who participate in Pathfinder,  an activity that takes place at Emthunjeni awareness center. It is a dropping center were children come and get food every day, and also help with school homework supervision. These children who are in Pathfinder are one of the Emthunjeni awareness center beneficiaries.

Emthunjeni have daily programs for the health department and social. This Evaton NGO center is the biggest one of headed by Mrs Manoto and is based at number 620 Lint road Evaton. There is another one in zone 7 Sebokeng and another one in Boikago, Said Mondo EPWP Coordinator of Emthunjeni awareness center.