Eskom has for the first time ever discovered a clear indication of evidence of sabotage at Lethabo power Station, near Vereeniging in the free State.

A small pylon carrying power lines that feeds electricity to the powers station overland coal conveyor were cut off, which caused it to topple over into a backup power line rendering both of incapable.

On Wednesday evening just before 18:00, that is when the pylon fell. It apparently took close to nine hours on Wednesday evening for distribution to reroute power to the Lethabo conveyor from a third supply line.

During a media briefing on Friday morning Mr. Andre De Ruyter(Eskom Group Chief Executive) told the media that the  preliminary investigation had found evidence that the eight supports, called stays were cut. He said, “furthermore was that there is a suspicion that this was a deliberate act hence there was nothing stolen. Clearly now this was sabotage we call it as such”.

Investigations are still under way to bring those responsible for this act to book.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.