In the early hours of Thursday 02 December. In extension 14, Bophelong in Vanderbijlpark the Madhlala family lost their valuable items due to house robbery. One family member who wished to remain anonymous for security purposes told the Reporter that he heard a strange noise in the house at 2am in

the morning but thought maybe It was his mother.

When he listened attentively he realised that the foot- steps were coming from a different direction, that’s when he decided to wake up and check what was going on.

He then saw the sliding door wide opened and the television set had slightly moved from its original place. He realised that the was a stranger in the house he quickly rushed back to his room to see if he could find something that might help him to defend himself but unfortunately he was too late.

He then said that the robber saw him and pointed him with a fire arm and asked him to step outside and stand in the rain while they invaded the house. They took a 55inch plasma Samsung TV, JVC amplifier, laptop and a cell phone.

He furthermore told the Reporter that he was very fortunate because the robbers did not realise that his mother was sleeping in the next room” I don’t know what could have happened if my mom was awake”.

The police arrived at the scene as well as the forensic team at around 4am in the morning. The case of house robbery was opened and an Investigation is underway looking for the four suspects who are estimated to be in their late 30s to 40 of age.

Report by Cornelius D. Mofokeng.