The source told the yesterday on the fatal aircraft crash that occurred in Henley-on-Klip on the 2nd of January  Monday. The individuals who died in the crash have been identified. The pilot was 47-year-old Sean Russell, Chief Inspector and Test Pilot for Sling Aircraft, and his passenger was 35-year-old photographer Dane Anthony.

The source reports that the two men took off in the Sling 2 plane at Tedderfield Airport in Gauteng and planned to land there again. However, their plane crashed while flying over Bass Lake. Eyewitnesses say the plane descended low as it flew over the south-west bank and continued to fly low over the water, after which it rose sharply, stalled and fell out of the sky.

 The plane touched the water and bounced twice before it sank to the bottom of the lake. The right wing is believed to have broken off on impact. Most of the damage was to the front of the plane. Authorities that were at the scene included Midvaal fire brigade, NSRI, ER24, as well as a canine and diving unit from the police.

The bodies of the two men were brought out of the lake on Monday evening and the plane was taken out of the lake with a crane yesterday morning. Circumstances surrounding the plane crash are being investigated to determine what happened. Spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority, Sisa Majola, expects a report to be available within a month.

Submitted by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.