On Friday afternoon 2023-01-06 until Sunday 2023-01-08, some Sector 3 CPF patrollers supported the Vanderbijlpark Crime Prevention Operations focusing on generators of crime in our areas.

During the two 12 hour night shifts they managed to confiscate numerous items which include 3 gas pistols, home-made knives, burglary implements, just to mention a few.

After receiving a complaint/information involving possible illegal firearms, members contacted the Task Team for Tactical support and a successful arrest was executed and three firearms were confiscated with numerous different calibres of ammunition.

Arrests were made for possession of drugs, dealing in drugs, Illegal possession off ammunition, possession of unlicenced firearms and ammunition.

The Sector Manager applauds the SAPS members and CPF Patrollers for their Impact driven operations and arrests. “These arrests and confiscations speaks to our Contact and Property Crimes and feed to his target of reducing crime by 25% in Sector 3 during 2023.”

A Community patroller initiative in SE 7 in Vanderbijlpark driven by the community was also officially launched on Thursday 2023-01-05. They also had a huge success with an arrest for dealing in drugs.

Submitted by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.