It was a normal night as we continued to patrol the vicinity around the sub-station as usual. At around 22H:30 was when the incident took place.

There were four of us in the shift on 12 May 2021 when it all happened.

They were a group of about forty armed men said officer Malefetsane Mokoena when we were attacked at Verf substation which is situated in Vereeniging. We were forced to take off our clothes, cut the cable, if not they were going to kill us.

He further said that the cable exploded in his hand, we were lucky to be left alive, I still struggle to this day. I cannot sleep when I think of that fateful night. Our company only took us to hospital but we did not receive counselling.

When The Reporter contacted the manager Mr Sepeng, he told us that he was aware of the incident and it was unfortunate. All he knows was that four officers were taken to hospital and he intends dealing with the officers’ predicament. He said they can only change their officer to a lesser risk site. He did not want to elaborate further.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.