On the 30th of December the fans came in big numbers to watch the super Kasi football style. Evaton in

Sebokeng hosted the yearly soccer tournament. Pooe festive games final between the All Black’s FC and Beke le Beke FC. However, Beke le Beke beat All Black’s FC 1-0 and they were crowned the 2021 Pooe Festive games Champion’s.

However, the fans came out in numbers to support the tournament as it is running concurrently each year. Prior to the final match fans were entertained by the game of ex-professional players that was featuring the likes of Phiri Tsotetsi, Avril Phali and Isaac Mphasane to mention but a few.

Getting to speak to some of the soccer fans they expressed their happiness. Saying that this tournament is really helping young stars to showcasing their talents in terms of soccer. Everyone was happy to be part of the tournament.

Report by Cornelius D. Mofokeng.