Law enforcement officials attacked an innocent citizen who was on his way to buy bread at a tuck shop close to his home. The officers jumped out of their vehicle while it was still in motion and attacked the poor male like a pack of wild wolves, mercilessly punching, dragging and kicking the non retaliating man.

It is long overdue that we had properly trained and well mannered officers patrolling our residential areas. After a good training they should be called peace officers. They must treat fellow human-beings with respect and endeavour to be of valuable assistance rather than behave in a manner we already have observed throughout the country. Soldiers, police officers and metro cops have displayed the same horrible despicable behaviour people faced under the previous government. Nothing has changed; we still treat one another with disrespect, viciously and savagely than ever before.

We now live in high-tech times. Soldiers are not fighting machines anymore. They now should be utilised for humanitarian purposes during disaster periods. Only a few well trained soldiers are needed in conflict situations.

What we see happening is not what people laid down their lives for.

Shame on us South Africa.

Concerned citizen.

Watch the video clip below;