Polokong primary school in Sebokeng was robbed of large amounts of various items in the early hours Wednesday the 13th of March 2019. Armed robbers gained entry to the internal guard station and held two female guards on duty and tied them up. They then proceeded to the roof of the school through which they gained entry into the administration block. There they broke into several offices, the computer room and the safe removing a variety of items according to the deputy principal Mr. Samuel Mthembu.                                                           

The stolen items included the following:

  • Principal`s office:
  • 1. Wi-Fi router. A Panasonic portable radio. One PVR decoder was destroyed.
  • Deputy principal Mthembu’s office:
  • Seven usb memory sticks. 200 cd`s. Four canon ink cartridges. A Panasonic portable radio. A five plug adaptor. A Samsung galaxy S9 charger. Four rechargeable batteries and charger.
  • Deputy principal Ms. Malaza’s office:                                               
  • A Panasonic portable radio. Two sunbeam kettles. One microwave oven.
  • Kitchen:
  • A four plate stove. Two Defy microwave ovens. A Defy washing machine. One defy refrigerator. One big stainless steel kettle.
  • HOD office:                                                                              
  • Portable radio and reflector money counter.
  • Administration office:
  • Strong-room door damaged. Safe damaged. Plus minus R900.00 removed. Digital camera, tape recorder, cordless hybrid microphone, DVD player, projector and two Toshiba laptops were also stolen.
  • Computer laboratory:
  • Server, two tower cases, brother printer, two speakers, 22 Acer monitors, 22 Mercer keyboards, 32 mercer mouse units and a projector.
  • Computer lab storage:
  • Two large Dixon speakers, one Dixon amplifier, two 15-inch hybrid speakers with built-in amplifier, 40 inch Samsung television and a 42 inch LG television. 

The estimated value of the stolen items is (+-) R400 000.

The computer room where all the electronic equipment was stolen. Picture: Staff Photographer
The entry point for the burgalars. Picture: Staff Photographer

My opinion: When are we as communities going to unite against such evil deeds happening within us. These criminals rob our children of a bright future and thus dragging our children down from chances of participating effectively in the higher level of the economy.

These criminals rob our children of a bright future

On the other hand, the government seems to be crime tolerant. People seem to be sitting ducks for criminals who it seems have it quite nice whether they are in or out of prison. The sooner we the people take responsibility for our communities as we used to at some stage before the democratic dispensation, everything is headed for the doldrums. Remember South Africa what we do today will be inherited by future generations.   

What footprint do we want to leave?