By Monica Mofokeng

The community of Zamdela in Sasol is leaving in fear as they are being terrorised by notorious gangsters who call themselves Marashia. They are notoriously known for their brutal activities, such as housebreaking, drugs, and car theft.  Marashia consist of young boys involved in illegal activities. The community of Zamdela is no longer feeling safe anymore.

 “Our streets are no longer safe regardless of the time of the day,” said one of the community members who wanted to remain anonymous. He states that if this gang feels like striking they do so with no hesitation and they attack anyone anywhere. It is also alleged that a taxi driver was murdered by this notorious gang last week on Wednesday. However, the police are still investigating the incident. The Zamdela community is eager to take matters into their own hands and put stop to this brutality done by this gang but unfortunately, the law doesn’t allow the society to take matters into their own hands. “We are now living in fear, we are scared to even send our kids to the shops and we cannot even accompany our children to school because we will get mugged by these criminals” said another source.