APPLICATIONS: MEC told the reporters that the process has been painful as it had many challenges. The department has promised to build 29 schools before 2023. In Gauteng Province, the department has eradicated all the pit toilets as they are not healthy for learners and again has bought all equipment such as smart boards and other things. Department of health, and Social Development has come on board to also help, especially on the documents that the child must have. The MEC said the main problem they are facing is the one of choice to the parents, that they need certain school while there is no space. He asked the parents to make an appeal if not satisfied and so far, only 700 have lodged appeals. He also encouraged parents that they musttoday use the MEC of Education, PanyazaLesufi had a media briefing regarding the “2020 late”, the opportunity to register as today is the last day. From now on as mandated by the Premier, the MEC will also release the primary school results to see how they are working.

FundzaLushaka has given 160 000 teachers and in Gauteng, 805 qualified and placed. 151 000 children who use transport for distance travel will not struggle while 1,4 million students will receive a meal tomorrow. 912 Primary Schools have space and 374 for Secondary.

MEC guaranteed the media that Tokelo Secondary will continue teaching but certain grades will be taken to close-by schools, he also said that the SGB of Jabulile Secondary School has been ordered to step down.

Report by FikileThatelo.