Operation Okae Molao took place in Vanderbijlpark last night and numerous impact arrests were made.

CPF Vanderbijlpark says, members received a complaint of a business robbery in Sector 4 (SW area) and Sector 3 CPF Patrollers that were not far away responded. On arrival, the suspects had already fled on foot and a tactical close- down of the area was initiated with the help of other patrollers, security firms and SAPS members.

A description of the suspects was communicated and one of the suspects was noticed and immediately arrested. With a night sight device a possible location of the second suspect was identified in the famous “Phoenix Park” in SE 2. SAPS, patrollers and security officers approached from different sides and the second suspect was arrested. He was found in possession of property taken during the robbery as well as two “toy/Imitation Firearms”.

Earlier that evening the Sector vehicle requested assistance at the premises where they suspected people were inside and stealing. The Sector 3 Sector Manager, Sector 3 Patrollers and a Second Sector vehicle responded to assist, three suspicious persons were found in the immediate vicinity and when they were searched, one was found in possession of an unlicensed firearm and immediately arrested.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.