Fidelity ADT warned in a statement on Tuesday that complaints of robberies that take place during the delivery of takeaways are now cropping up again. According to ADT, this includes incidents where residents are detained at their gates. The security group calls on residents of the Vaal Triangle to be vigilant and extremely careful when receiving deliveries outside their homes.

 According to Charnel Hattingh, head of marketing and communications at Fidelity ADT, criminals will follow the delivery vehicle and pounce when residents step outside to receive their delivery. The criminals will then take the key of the delivery vehicle from the driver and steal his or her cell phone. Hatting suggests that residents carry a portable panic button with them so that they can immediately call for help if they suspect trouble.

She adds that it is important to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. She also recommends that residents limit the amount of cash they carry and to be observant when wearing expensive jewellery.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.