Students of Bophelong, Sebokeng and other townships around the Vaal triangle have been battling with substance abuse in primary as well as secondary schools. It is more alarming when substance abuse is carried out by primary school children.

A grade 7 pupil from a certain primary school in Sebokeng,  “the Reporter was asked not mentioned the school name” was earlier this year found with a mixture of flu medication which students consume to get high.

Gauteng Community Safety MEC confirmed she was shown the mixture when she arrived at the school  to address issues of school safety. 

“When we arrived at a primary school this morning, to address school safety issues, teachers showed us a mixture of allergex they found on a grade 7 learner. The teachers said kids drink this to get high.”

A social worker at The Toughest Young Minds, a rehabilitation centre in Sebokeng told the Reporter that this mixture is commonly consumed by most pupils and that the centre is arranging with the school to intervene through thier program of” KE MOJA” I am fine.

Apparently the dangers of this mixture include:

• Lung/kidney failure

• Lack of concentration

• Always sleepy

• Brain damage

• Loss of libido

The schools were advised to work with substance abuse NGO’s and for parents to monitor their children’s behaviour. Parents were urged to talk to their children and also advise them to stay away from hanging around foreigner’s shops after school.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.