The family home belonging to a single parent was burned by her son after many threats from him saying one day his going to burn the house down. The mother of the house was not in her house when the fire started and her neighboursalerted her that the house was on fire. She quickly ran back to her house but was too late as the house was completely gutted. Almost the whole house contents were burned down.

Mrs Anna NomthandazoMgabesaid she is a single mother from Orange farm extension seven (A) who is trying to give her children a good life as they all arenot employed and another of her young girls is at Vaal university of Technology doing her best in her studies so that she can help her mother in future. The elder boy who burned the home is not working and is neither helping his mom with anything but keeps accusing the mother of miss-treating him. The boy has been arrested and will be facing the relevant charges in respect of his actions when he appears before court. No one died or got injured in the incident even though the damage to the property was massive.

The family is calling to anyone out there to help them with anything they can, they lost everything and absolutely everything. Please people of South Africa and the Vaal assist with whatever donations you can to help the family. God bless the heart and hand that will help the family. Those were pleas from the sad and distraught mother.

For any donations call: +27 78 787 8205 or ‎+27 76 054 2252. Submitted by: Lefa Thatelo.