There was a lot of league sporting activities for the day including soft ball and hockey, involving junior and senior teams from different parts of Gauteng.

The matches included male and female teams. Even though there was less spectators the teams gave a spectacular display of determination and entertainment that everyone present enjoyed.

Above: The Apaches (in red and white) from Pretoria defeated the Palm Ridge team (in white)(12-0) in a soft ball under 16 league match on Saturday. Picture: Ramosala Mofokeng

It could be of great help if different sporting codes could be revived in our townships. A lot of youngsters miss out on opportunities to excel and compete at national or even international level. If the provincial and national sporting government institutions can prioritise sport sponsorship and nurturing, I believe a certain percentage of our youth would not have to join the job-seekers queue.

Come on youth of the Vaal I believe you can shine the spotlight on yourselves.

File Photo. Leshata(in blue) plays Bambanani(in red) 1-0 in the under 17 league
match played at Orange-farm.