The SAPS arrested a local man for possession of solid copper rods and two Tanzanian men for possession of crystal meth worth millions at a roadblock on the R82 Old Vereeniging Road R82, yesterday. The district commissioner of Johannesburg, Major General Max Masha, said police officers stopped a Jeep, with the driver seemingly wanting to turn around before the roadblock.

They approached the suspect who appeared nervous. When they searched the car, it was stashed with solid copper rods. The suspect tried to bribe the officer with R100 notes. At the very same roadblock, the police recovered crystal meth hidden in a boot of a Mercedes E-Class. According to Masha, Officers found three bags of charcoal in the boot.

The officers were surprised by the heavy weight of the charcoal bags, on further investigation the police then tore the bags and found crystal meth worth millions of rands inside. Masha said police are investigating where the foreign national suspects are from, and where they were going and that they will be charged for being illegally in the country and for the possession of drugs.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.