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National Soccer Team Does The Country Proud 

Bafana Bafana has done the country proud by convincingly beating Lybia 2-1 at their recent outing. They have managed this magnificent win away from home, which is not easy. We can wish and hope they do well in their upcoming tour to Egypt in June...
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Vaal Milano Outplayed By Blue Lions 

Vaal Milano suffered a massive loss in a league soccer match played at VUT stadium. Blue lions outfoxed Vaal Milano 10-0 which left the losing team in disarray throughout the ninety minutes.   Picture: Staff Photographer
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In Pictures 

Residents of the Vaal give the thumbs up sign for The Reporter newspaper: Some say this will help residents get information about happenings in the township, while some believe youngsters will have a chance to read and be interested in what takes place within their...