A young and determined entrepreneur from Sebokeng in zone 14 survived drug abuse. He says he was on drugs for three years, it now has been almost four years since he has ceased from any drug intake.

He told the Reporter that he initially struggled to make ends meet. He then started his business of washing shoes for the community since 2019 prior to Covid 19. It was tough because of the pandemic but he managed to stay relevant throughout the hole predicament of covid 19. As some of the restrictions where lifted he managed to gain a steady increasing customer base to date.

Morena Mokoena (age 28) further mentioned that he even managed to help few of his peers whom he used to do drugs with, they are now clean some are working for companies while others are helping him to grow the business. It is indeed a great thing to be appreciated once again by the community. He is even planning to expand this business to other townships in and around Vaal.

 With this business he is able to take care of his family.

“My plea is to see young people being reformed and being able to do something about their life and talent as the is so much talent around the Sebokeng. In terms of drugs if I can be able to beat the addiction I believe everyone who is willing to change can beat this addiction of drugs as well” he concluded.

Report by: Cornelius D. Mofokeng.